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Gifts for Babies Bath Time Gift Set

Bath Time Gift Set

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Why is it a Great Gift ? : Few other gifts will be used as frequently as the Bath Time Gift Set. With items that are used daily while giving bath to the baby, this is one gift that will stand out among all others. Most new parents will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending them this gift set.

Gift Description :

Make bath time a fun experience for both baby and parent!

A handsome leather tote is filled with an assortment of bath products, including a mesh frog bath sponge, a froggy wash mitt, and three soft cotton wash cloths. We also include gentle cleansing products such as extra gentle hand/body soap in a cute frog dispenser, lotion, powder, diaper cream, moisturizer, Johnson's baby shampoo, and bath soap.

The addition of three squirty frog toys and a dancing frog prince make certain baby will be splashing with joy. The bright red tote is wonderful for storing nursery accessories and toys.

Gift measures 10 x 10 x 5.

Gift Details :